School Security Safety Assessments

The alarming truth is crime and violence have become commonplace in schools today. In some cases, schools have even become a place of extreme violence. That’s why it is so important that school administrators prepare for the possibility of a threat to their facilities.

At The Valori Group, we understand the sensitive nature of these conversations, and we care deeply about the safety of your students and staff. We understand each school is different, so we work to understand the culture and climate at each particular school, and our experts will work closely with administrators to create a security plan that balances an open learning environment with the security demands required in today’s world.

Our team is uniquely qualified to assess the security of educational facilities and protocols.
Our professionals come with vast experience from both the private and public sectors, and have many different areas of expertise. Whatever the needs of your particular school, The Valori Group can help you ensure a safer environment for your students and staff.

Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, The Valori Group’s state-of-the-art equipment and skills will exceed your expectations and safeguard your personal and professional assets.