Specialized Services


Fully licensed, bonded and insured, we provide our clients with irrefutable evidence critical to the case at hand. With state of the art surveillance equipment, years of experience in undercover operations and a well-honed eye for essential details, The Valori Group operates quickly and efficiently. From video surveillance and undercover investigations to employee/rental background checks and the service of legal documents, we guarantee complete discretion and 100% client satisfaction.


There are no better security teams than those made up of our law enforcement officials and special unit military members. Discovering vulnerable points in your security, evaluating potential threats, planning and carrying out solutions are what we at the Valori Group do best. From keeping your home, valuables and offices secure with the latest security measures, to private security of executives/V.I.P.s, our trained professionals are the only security team you will ever need.

Specialized Services
Specialized Services


Capitalizing on the diverse background and experiences of their partners, The Valori Group expands upon its demonstrated expertise in physical and technical security of asset protection by integrating managed risk mitigations solutions for its clients to also safeguard people, physical assets and digital information. If you can’t remove risk, minimize it with The Valori Group.


The way we communicate and access information has quickly evolved and intensified with the advancement of social media. Timely and proactive messaging in multiple formats has never been more important to the success of brand protection. Depend on the Valori Group to provide the insight, training and guidance needed for your team to effectively work with news editors and reporters and establish procedures to seamlessly work with and manage the media in good times and bad.



After crisis threatens your business, it’s essential to portray leadership and construct an appropriate response to the damage at hand. Media and public relations break downs can leave even the most solid reputation in shambles while negative reactions from the public and stakeholders can only make matters worse. When crisis or hardships occur, avoid irreparable damage with a skilled crisis management consultant from The Valori Group.

Specialized Services


The quality of communication, public and media relations in leadership roles are held to increasingly high standards. Leaders and executives on all levels need comprehensive training by those who understand the business of public relations and media communications. From c-suite executives and broadcasters to spokespersons and seminar/public speakers, the qualified members of The Valori Group’s Coaching & Training consultants have the experience and knowledge to raise your leadership and rhetoric skills to the next level.


If you are searching for consultant with decades of experience in the local/municipal governmental sector who understand the need for above-average recruitment and placement of interim, town and business managers/administrators and public information officers, look no further than The Valori Group. We offer objective, fast paced and professional decisions on the best, most qualified fit for your municipality and government system. The Valori Group also offers in-depth SWOT Analysis, fundraising and project planning services for your business and municipality.

Specialized Services


As a diverse and multifaceted consulting group, we are available for seminars and keynotes at conferences, places of work and schools. Not only does The Valori Group cater to the fields of security, risk management, media and public relations, crisis management and more for your business and corporations, we also provide seminars based on potential threats to the safety of your loved ones, such as what to do during a school shooting or soft terror attack and firearm safety. The Valori Group also holds interdepartmental cross-training and training seminars throughout Morris County and online.